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Latin-ext subset support

  • BillyKid


    sorry for such late response. right now only option is to slightly modify theme code. Edit file functions.php and serch for code which looks like this (lines 1584, 1585, 1586)

    foreach( $google_fonts as $google_font ) {
                echo ''; 

    and replace it with this one:

    foreach( $google_fonts as $google_font ) {
                echo ''; 

    ther is string added &subset=latin,latin-ext which indicates which subsets should be added. You can change it to &subset=latin-ext if only this subset is needed.

    Hope this helps You.


    1:04pm on July 5, 2013

  • mikolaj@zacharow.info Zacharow
    Hi. I need to add subset "latin-ext" to fonts - how can I do this? Mikolaj

    1:04pm on July 1, 2013