Cannot IMPORT DEMO XML what to do?

If demo data cannot be imported e.g id doesn't respond or it stops at certain point and nothing happens it is most likely server side issue. Please contact Your hosting provider and ask about PHP script execution time limit. If this limit is low e.g 30 seconds import will be terminated after 30 seconds even though it still didn't finished. Please ask about increasing this limit e.g to 120 seconds or more. Execution time of import heavily depends on those settings as well as internet speed connection, my demo site server load ( because it attempts to download all images and media files used on site ) and many more. Long story short stick to this guidelines when import fails:

  • ask hosting provider to increase PHP execution time if possible
  • during import DISABLE option "Download and import file attachments" it won't downlaod media ( images, moveis etc... ) but will create all pages, post, portfolios, menus and so on - so page structure will be there but images will have to be uploaded manually or seleceted from media library
  • after import fails and before another attempt please remove all Your pages, posts, portfolios, menus etc... to avoid duplicated content