What are recommended image sizes for theme?

In order to create proper thumbnails for galleries please use following image sizes:

  • at least 480px x 297px for small grid and metro 1x1 thumb
  • at least 480px x 594px for metro portrait 1x2 thumb
  • at least 960px x 297px for metro landscape 2x1 thumb
  • at least 960px x 594px for metro big 2x2 thumb
  • at least 480px wide ( no height limit ) for masonry small thumb
  • at least 960px wide ( no height limit ) for masonry large thumb
  • at least 480px x 297px for blog small thumbs

Please use as big images as possible - don't worry it will be scaled by theme and proper thumbs will be generated for portfolio, gallery, quick gallery and blog so Your site will load fast.

For instance If You want to create fullwidth portfolio entry like this one:


Please use big images e.g 1920px x 1080px to make You sinlge portfolio look sharp on big HD screens. Theme will create smaller thumbs from this big image for portfolio gallery page.