I would like to change the way how portfolio,gallery, blog and / or quick gallery thumbs are animated / faded in during pageload. How can i do this?

Please edit file js/functions.js and search for the following variables in code ( lines 221,222,223 ):

var thumbs_fadein_offset = 75;   
var thumbs_fadein_waterfall_delay = 100;
var thumbs_fadein_time = 500;

and adjust values to get desired effect. Here is brief summary of each variable:

var thumbs_fadein_offset = 75;  // initial vertical offset in pixels from target position when applying animation for portfolio/gallery/blog fading in thumbs - units pixels

var thumbs_fadein_waterfall_delay = 100; // waterfall delay in ms for blog/portfolio/gallery thumbs - set to 0 if all have to fade in in the same time - units miliseconds

var thumbs_fadein_time = 500; // how long each thumb will animate - units miliseconds