How to upgrade / update theme to new version without loosing all previously created data?

To upgrade theme please follow one of these ways:

Login to Your themeforest account, go to downloads tab and redownload latest theme package.

1. Update via wordpress admin (easy - recommended)

  • login to Your wordpress admin and go to appearnace -> themes.
  • Deactivate current theme - wordpress will activeate default theme - propably twelveelewen or something similar -
  • find deactivated theme that You want to update and click - remove. Don't worry - all data won't be removed.
  • after theme is removed simply upload new version of theme via worpdress admin like You did at the first time at the theme installation - You can follow steps in theme documentation
  • activate theme and check if appearance on forntned is ok - everything should stay unchanged - ( only exception can be menu -> go to appearance -> menus and choose primary menu adn save )

2. Update via FTP (advanced) -

  • connect to Your web server via FTP and find theme directory.
  • Upload new viersion of theme and overwrite old files.
  • Login to Your admin and new version will be active.