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problem with thumbs


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    dimitris started the conversation


    I am having some issues with the thumbnails of my site. The most important: The last thumbnails get stuck as in the attached screenshot instead of displaying correctly in the grid. This is an extreme case, usually it happens with less of them, but it is nevertheless a big issue. They display correctly when I refresh, but this is the first image someone gets when visiting the site for the first time. What could be the problem?

    Second issue: how can I make gallery thumbs display smaller? For example in this page: http://object-e.net/propaganda They are in masonry style. Changing between medium and small in the gallery settings doesn't make a difference, they remain the same. I don't care so much about the size of the actual image used, it is the displayed size, ie I would like to get an extra column.

    Thank you.

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    dimitris replied

    Hello again. Is it possible to get some feedback on this problem?